About the Project

Located at the southern gateway to Okotoks, Wind Walk is envisioned as a master-planned complete community. Wind Walk will be a unique community with a distinct sense of place reinforced by sustainable and innovative design. Wind Walk encourages residents to live, work and play within their community with access to a range of housing options, retail commercial opportunities, a variety of high-quality open spaces, and a well-connected active modes network.

Wind Walk will be set apart by its commitment to implementing best practices for sustainable, innovative and low-impact development and high-performance infrastructure policies throughout the community, thus truly living up to its signature ‘The Smart & Connected Community’. In order to achieve the goals of sustainability, conservation and innovation, Wind Walk’s community design will be guided by Okotoks’ municipal policies and in particular the 6 Guiding Principles of the Okotoks Community Sustainability Plan.

What is Wind Walk in Okotoks?

A 144.66 acre, master-planned, walkable, complete, ‘smart and connected community’ dedicated to the utilization of sustainable, innovative, and low impact development practices with high-performance infrastructure.

How large is the community?

1,147 residential units proposed with 8.27 units per acre  – meets the Town’s density requirement of 8 units per acre.

What are the types of housing in Wind Walk?

A range of housing options including single family, semi-detached, live/work and multi-unit sites.

Is there any commercial in Wind Walk?

Wind Walk will include a local Village Commercial Development that will provide residents with local amenities for their daily lives.

Will there be any schools in Wind Walk?

There will be Joint Use School sites planned as K-9 with soccer and baseball play fields within Wind Walk.

What kind of open space is there?

There is a significant amount of parks and open space including an interconnecting pathway system throughout the community.

Project Location

The Plan Area comprises an area of approximately 58.56 hectares (144.66 acres) and is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Highway 7 and Secondary Highway 783. The lands are owned and being developed by Alberta Foothills Properties Ltd. (AFPL).

  • 58.56 hectares (144.66 acres)

  • Intersection of Highway 7 & Secondary Highway 783

  • South side of the Town of Okotoks

Wind Walk & the Okotoks Annexation Plan

The Plan Area is located within the recently approved annexed lands in the Town of Okotoks. The proclamation of the annexation was announced by way of an Order-in-Council by the Lieutenant Governor on July 1, 2017. To learn more about the annexation, please click here.

The Area Structure Plan

The Wind Walk Area Structure Plan (ASP) is currently under review by the Town of Okotoks. An ASP provides a framework for subdivision and development of an area of land and describes the proposed sequence of development, the density of population, the general location of major transportation routes and public utilities, and other matters necessary for the area’s development.

The original Wind Walk ASP and Land Use Redesignation (LUR) was approved by the Municipal District of Foothills in 2014. As a result of the anticipated annexation of the plan area, the amended ASP will align with the Towns’ municipal policies including the Community Sustainability Plan and the Okotoks Community Visioning 2014.

The plan area is envisioned to be predominantly residential and supporting uses such as municipal reserve, public utility lot, and a local village commercial site located at the entry to Wind Walk. The lands to the east of the ASP boundary are shadow-planned to indicate how the Wind Walk ASP may integrate with future development on the adjacent site, which includes the Joint Use Sites which is located centrally to the two quarter sections.

Wind Walk Outline Plan

Following eight years of project planning, Okotoks Town Council approved the Outline Plan for Wind Walk on June 15, 2017. The Outline Plan lays out the basic concept for the proposed development including open spaces, road networks and land uses.